VIP Membership Card

YUS International Bullion Limited has launched a grand VIP membership system where members can enjoy many merchant discounts.

Offer 1: New VIP card members get rewards during trading

Account Opening Bonus of US$4,800 credit amount providing customers with double benefits and excitement from investment!

Example: Member who purchase US$648 denominated VIP cards, get US$2,400 trading reward upon activation of trading account,

  • Assuming after trading for a period of time, the trading account has a balance of US$1,000.
  • If customer initiates a withdrawal of US$352, and if the balance after withdrawal will be US$648, the customer will still continue to enjoy the US$2,400 trading reward, with available trading margin in the account being US$3,048.
  • If customer initiates a withdrawal of US$353, and if the balance after withdrawal will be US$647, the US$2,400 trading reward will be cancelled immediately, with available trading margin in the account being US$647.

*Note: Trading reward funds can only be stored in the membership rewards card for trading purposes, and cannot be drawn as cash. For VIP card rewards that can be exchanged, please refer to terms below on rewards.

Offer 2: Food and Beverage discounts, rebates to members

YUS International Bullion has friendly ties with many merchants, and our partners provide YIB members with a range of discounts on goods including food, clothing, housing, transport, recreation, beauty, retail, children’s programs etc. VIP card members may enjoy benefits at these designated merchants. Please refer to our VIP Rewards page for more on these exclusive deals.



  Terms and Conditions of Use

  1. Each member entitled to purchase 1 VIP membership card. They can nominate 1 person to enjoy this preferential status.
  2. Once sold, the membership card cannot be refunded or exchanged for cash.
  3. The membership card can only be used to redeem specified discount deals, goods or services.
  4. YIB VIP membership card is for personal use. Once activated, the membership card and related membership are non-transferrable. YIB and its authorized merchants reserve the right to verify the identity of card holders.
  5. YIB is authorized to use your data for application processing, provide VIP membership services and future promotional notices.
  6. The membership card is considered void upon damage or alterations.
  7. YIB reserves the right to terminate membership cards and related memberships, amend membership terms, rules and conditions at any time without advance notice.
  8. If you do not wish to be subject to the updated terms and conditions, you can terminate the membership by notifying YIB in writing. Continued usage of card without further notification deems that you agree to comply with latest details of terms and conditions.
  9. In instances of dispute, YIB reserves the right to final decision. (If there are any discrepancies between English and Chinese versions of the terms and conditions, the English version will be used)
  10. The specified terms and conditions are regulated by the laws of HKSAR.

Terms of Rewards 

  1. VIP Card trading rewards are valid for 3 months.
  2. If after opening the trading account, customer fails to use the account to make any trades, the Company will levy a US$20 administrative cost each time customer makes a withdrawal.
  3. If the customer’s trading account balance faces a shortfall due to forced closure of positions, the Company retains the right to liquidate remaining open contracts in the account. These forced liquidations are considered non-legitimate trades; the client still needs to account for negative losses and interest on balance on the account, if any.
  4. For the activation of trading account with VIP cards in any denomination, during initiation of a withdrawal, the customer is required to maintain a minimum amount not less that the initial nominal amount during purchase of the VIP card to enjoy the continuation of trading reward. If the balance is less than the nominal value of the VIP card, the trading rewards will be immediately cancelled. If the trading account balance goes down to 0 or negative, customers must make a deposit equal to their initial VIP card nominal amount, and they will continue to enjoy the initial trading reward. The Company will not be responsible for any margin call triggered and forced closure of positions due to insufficient funds due to cancellation of initial trading reward.
  5. 5. About the important data announcement (such as non-farm data and interest rates), between 30 minutes before and 1 minute after the release of data, after the weekly close and US holidays, clients’ Balance/Margin ratio must be 100%. That is, 1% of contract price (excluding trading credit) per lot. If the Balance/Margin ratio is less than 100%, the orders will be closed without any previous notice.

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