Account opening process

Customers can use the following methods to open a Precious metal trading account:

1. Online Customer Support
Customers may enlist the help of our dedicated Online Customer Support to assist with account opening procedures during office hours. Accounts are set up immediately.

2. Online Account Opening
Customers can visit the Company’s website, click on the “Online Account Opening” tab, and quickly fill up the form with their personal information. A valid Identity document with client’s signature has to be uploaded. An account number will be allocated during office hours when the above steps have been completed. Upon successful deposit of funds through your specified method of funding, you can start trading.

3. In Person
During office hours, customers can personally come down to our head office, and submit the required documents.

Documents Required for Account Opening:
1)Signed copy of the Account Opening Form (not required for online account opening)
2)Valid Identity Card or Passport (with signature for online account opening)
3)Last 3 months Proof of Address/ Postal Address
4)A copy of your bank account information for registration of details for deposits and withdrawals

Please feel free to contact us if you have any queries.
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China Toll Free Line: 4001 200812
24 hour Interactive Voice Hotline: (852) 3748 8489

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