Community Events

YUS International Bullion Company has organized charitable activities in China and Hong Kong, through various promotional campaigns, build and gather volunteer teams, and encourage the public to actively do good.


Inland Mountains- School Reconstruction Project

To reconstruct some Primary schools in the inland mountainous areas in collaboration with a number of Hong Kong government departments.

Cooperative units include: YUS International Bullion, Hong Kong Correctional Services General Union, Hong Kong Immigration Department, Hong Kong Disciplined Services Department, Heyuan Municipal Public Security Bureau and Political Department.



  • 來自中港兩地多個部門的捐款,資助小學的物資和進行重建計劃。

  • 螢光助學計劃發起人之一 余祥輝會長呈交支票款項予校方代表。

  • 中港兩地有心人士捐助物資予甘洞小學。

  • 校方代表帶領中港兩地捐款團隊,參觀校內設施。

Tung Wah Charity Dinner

  •  Invited to attend the Tung Wah Charity dinner, which was a fundraiser to help those less fortunate in the society.

  • 席上由東華三院董事局成員頒贈紀念錦旗。

 Kwun Ai Tong, Family Fun at Disneyland

Organised in collaboration with Kwun Ai Tong, to bring a group of parents and their children on a tour of Disneyland.


  • 小朋友們都是來自單親家庭,藉迪士尼慈善親子遊,令他們感到溫暖。

  • 關愛堂一眾領事與各個家庭於迪士尼樂園前大合照。

 Hong Kong Customs Officers Dinner Banquet

  • 香港政府紀律部、香港懲教總工會、香港海關關員工會、香港入境事務處、余氏國際金銀業全體代表大合照。

  • Invited to attend the Hong Kong Customs Officers Dinner, to further understand industry developments, through close interactions with public officials.

  • 香港海關工會代表潘亮宇先生頒發感謝狀予何鑫衡先生。

  • 葉劉淑儀議員亦撥冗出席,並合照留念。

 Lions Club Community Service Day

Community Service day held in collaboration with the Lions Club. Full participation of company’s staff, volunteering and supporting the community booth, interacting with senior citizens and getting feedback from the public.

  • 社區活動中,義工更會免費為長者提供諮詢,關懷他們的起居生活。


  • 一眾善心的義工正落力地為婆婆講解活動內容。


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