YUS International is committed to providing customers with superior gold and silver investment trading services. Our professional MT4 Bullion platform is fast and accurate, and allows customers to make buy and sell trades, 24 hours a day. We provide real- time data and news, and also the best profit opportunities for clients, making us the most convenient online gold trading platform.



Invest in Gold


• Fair and Open

The company is an international MT4 trading platforms dealer, providing spot gold and silver trading. Via the online platform, customers can check queries on trades and transaction records immediately. Transactions are fair, transparent and open.


• Lower Margin Threshold

In order to cater to the various demographics, customers are able to trade as low as 0.01 lots, and require as little as 1% USD of the contract price to start trading. Compared with other gold futures trading volume thresholds, which usually require tens of thousands dollars, YIB margin thresholds are much lower.


• Trading made quick and easy

Our online trading platform provides live quotes 24 hours per day for 7 days of a week. Customers can use this platform to place market trades or pending orders.


• Leveraged Trading

As little as 1% USD of the contract price will allow you to buy a lot of 100 oz spot gold, or 5000oz of silver, a leverage ratio of nearly 100 times. This allows customers more flexibility in fund usage, and larger profits on small principal amounts.


• Global Markets

Customers can trade 24 per day for 7 days per week, across multiple time zones.



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