Buy Spot Gold, Withdraw Physical Gold 

Our valued customers are able to participate in an exclusive “Gold Purchase Card Program” where members are able to go to affiliated goldsmith shops and purchase gold with their membership card. Buy Spot Gold and Withdraw in Physical Gold, as well as enjoy other preferential rewards.


 Listed in the USA- Trust and assurance

Being a prudent investor in volatile financial markets, capturing market opportunities is essential. Partnering USA listed YUS International Bullion (Listing ID: YUSG) will allow you to be ahead of the game.


Introducing Broker expertise in the Greater China region

YUS International Bullion provides a high quality business environment for its partners. To cater to customer’s deeper understanding of our business, they will be referred to our local agents for account opening, giving both agents and customers full confidence.






開設「GOLD 200」交易帳戶,即可用低至每一手港幣15,000 元保證金,投資 200盎司現貨黃金作單位。交易成本大幅降低,令客戶把握致富投資機遇。