In recent years, YUS International Bullion has focused on developing its Hong Kong Bullion presence, and at the same time, actively explored various investment projects to further diversify our business. Our development projects are as follows:

Development Highlights of YUS International Bullion


 Development of YUS International Bullion Retail Gold Outlets

In recent years, the retail Gold and Silver market has undoubtedly boomed. With robust capabilities, YUS International Bullion pursues new development projects. The Group has plans to establish 10 Gold Shops in 7 cities, across 2 countries in the near future. This will allow us to reach out to customers in the Southeast Asia Region, and provide high quality gold and silver for purchase.



Latest Mobile Trading Applications

Mobile trading has been a prevailing trend, and YUS International Bullion has introduced the latest i-Phone and Android mobile applications so that customers can enjoy the convenience and east of investing in gold anywhere. Our applications have real-time quotes, and efficient account opening and customer support.




Professional Financial and Investment Services

We provide professional investment advisory services especially for our VIP clients. Our professional investment Specialists will provide analysis on market conditions and market opportunities.

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