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Company Culture

Being a reputable local enterprise, YIB possesses an international management perspective, and has close partnerships with an extensive network of investors spanning across China.

The Group was founded with beliefs based on continual innovation and trust, a reputable company with close rapport with its clients, and above all, placing clients’ investments needs as priority.



YIB continually improves and innovates to meet global market and customer needs, being robust and reliable. We actively develop our precious metals business and strive to be an internationally acclaimed financial group, especially within and contributing to the growth and prosperity of the Asia Pacific region.


Professional Services

Our innovative services are superior and fulfill customers’ needs. We continue to seek development opportunities, and our qualified Investment and Advisory team will provide customers and partners with the most comprehensive analysis and investment strategies, which allows constant success.

We pay attention to your unique requirements, and provide tailored solutions. We regularly hold investment seminars which introduce our excellent customer service, and answer investor inquiries. We build trust and recognition across all levels of stakeholders, and facilitate customers’ sound investments in the rapidly changing financial environment.

YUS International Bullion Limited (YIB)

has extensive experience in financial investments. We are committed to providing customers with extensive investment management solutions, and customers can select superior gold and silver trading and investment services. With our Group’s strong shareholder background and robust financial resources, YIB has become the chosen platform for many investors in the gold market.

Be Recognized

YIB is actively expanding its business in China and Hong Kong. To provide a new investment for clients, the company launches a “123 Gold Enrichment Program” which provides a stable return via bonuses and other gold investment opportunities. Our profit is based on gold investment projects. Therefore, we will not invest in high-risk funds to reduce the risk and protect clients. Our professional services and track record position us as a recognized financial investments company.


 Tony Ho

YUS International Bullion Limited
Hong Kong Hotline : (852) 37 488 488 China Toll Free Line : 4001 200812
Fax : (852) 37 488 498 24 hour Interactive Voice Line : (852) 37 488 489
Email : cs@99gold.com.hk Address : Unit A, 21/Floor, Tower B, Billion Centre, No. 1 Wang Kwong Road, Kowloon Bay, Kowloon, Hong Kong


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